What are the application fields of valves?

What are the application fields of ...

Valves for petroleum installations; valves for hydropower stations; valves for metallurgical applications; valves for marine applications; valves for food and medicine applications; valves for rural and urban construction applications; valves for environm
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The difference between the characteristics of pneumatic butterfly valve and elec

The difference between the charact...

The main features of the pneumatic butterfly valve are: gear double piston, large output torque and small volume; rack type connection can adjust the opening angle and rated flow; the actuator can be equipped with electrical signal feedback instructions a
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What points should be paid attention to during the installation of pneumatic but

What points should be paid attentio...

Pay attention to the direction of the medium fluid and the direction of the arrow when installing the pneumatic butterfly valve; the open stem valve cannot be installed geographically to prevent the valve stem from being corroded. In the trench with the c
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What points should be paid attention to when choosing a pneumatic butterfly valv

What points should be paid attentio...

Pneumatic butterfly valves are used in automatic control systems as widely as pneumatic ball valves. The pneumatic butterfly valve is equipped with a GT cylinder, an AT cylinder, or an AW cylinder, supplemented by pneumatic accessories (solenoid valve, fi
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 Maintenance and repair of pneumatic conveying valve

Maintenance and repair of pneumat...

Whether the pneumatic conveying valve can be successfully applied to production, in addition to the design, manufacturing, installation and operation must be very serious, daily maintenance and maintenance are also very important.
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The working principle and function of distribution valve

The working principle and function...

The working principle of the distribution valve: the distribution valve controls the inflation and exhaust of the air cylinder according to the pressure change in the train tube, and realizes the braking, pressure maintenance or relief of the locomotive t
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How to maintain the pneumatic butterfly valve in daily use?

How to maintain the pneumatic bu...

The pneumatic butterfly valve occupies half of the mechanical operation like the pneumatic ball valve, so how to do the daily maintenance of the pneumatic butterfly valve? Qingdao Jintaiyu Valve Co., Ltd.-a professional manufacturer of pneumatic butterfly
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Eight characteristics of pneumatic butterfly valve

Eight characteristics of pneumatic...

Pneumatic butterfly valve is often used as a cut-off valve in use. The valve is opened and closed by the rotation of the butterfly plate. It is often used in large and medium-caliber pipelines. Common pneumatic valves include stainless steel pneumatic but
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Classification and application of rotary valve

Classification and application of r...

There are three types of rotary valves according to type: butterfly valve, ball valve and plunger valve.Butterfly valve is to control the direction of flow by baffle or vane rotating a certain angle around the rotating shaft.
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